New Zealand South Island Tour


A vacation in New Zealand offers unique natural scenery close to relaxing cities. If you're a travel lover looking to experience unrivaled beauty both in and out of town, New Zealand is the place for you.

My South Island Tour is designed to lead four to six people through the picturesque South Island. As your driver, tour guide and photographer, it allows me to introduce to you the history of this country, chauffeur you to the most iconic sites in a local way and recording the beautiful moment of you and New Zealand.


Day 0 Depart to Christchurch




Day 1 抵达基督城 Arrive Christchurch



Pick up from Christchurch airport and visit the city center, overnight in the city

Day 2 蒂卡波湖 Tekapo

库克山国家公园 Mt Cook National Park - 好牧羊人教堂 Church of Good Shepherd - 蒂卡波湖Lake Tekapo


纽西兰气势最为磅礴的国家公园非库克山国家公园(Mt Cook National Park)莫属,库克山(Mt Cook)是纽西兰最宏伟的山脉也是新西兰最高峰。虽然公园内有23座海拔超过3000米的高峰,但仍然易于游览。

Mt Cook national park has the most magnificent mountain range and Mt Cook is also the highest peak in the country. Although it encompasses 23 peaks over 3000 metres high, this park is very accessible

Lake Tekapo

蒂卡波湖是纽西兰南岛最受欢迎的湖泊之一, 白天有湖泊和山脉而夜晚的星星和覆盖了整个天空。由于这里是新西兰的奥拉基麦肯奇国际黑暗天空保护区(Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve)而被列为观星的最佳地点。如果你很幸运,你有可能会看到此处看到南极光。


Lake Tekapo is one of the most popular lakes in New Zealand's South Island. Lake and mountains during the day and stars covering the entire sky at night. It is the best place for stargazing because it is under Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve area. If you are lucky, you may see the Southern Lights.


Day 3 皇后镇 Queenstown

约翰山 Mt John - 普卡基湖 Lake Pukaki - 皇后镇Queenstown


路径皇后镇(Queenstown)的路上会到附近奶蓝色的普卡基湖(Lake Pukaki)稍作停留,晚餐会搭缆车去山顶享受晚餐


On the way to Queenstown, you will stop at the milky blue Lake Pukaki and during the evening we will take the cable car to the top of the mountain for dinner.


Day 4 皇后镇 Queenstown
卡德罗纳胸罩围栏 The Cardrona Bra Fence  - 瓦纳卡Wanaka


新西兰南岛有一个风景优美的世外桃源,瓦纳卡湖(Lake Wanaka)。它位于纽西兰南岛的南部湖区的正中。这里群山环绕,高山深涧,林林总总的美景点缀着苍翠的雄伟山脉,因而被公认为新西兰风景最优美的地区之一,也是四季宜人的度假胜地。

New Zealand's South Island has a beautiful paradise, Lake Wanaka. It is located in the middle of the Southern Lakes region of New Zealand's South Island. Surrounded by mountains and deep mountains, the beautiful scenery of the forest is dotted with the majestic mountains. It is recognized as one of the most beautiful areas in New Zealand and a pleasant holiday destination in the four seasons.


Day 5 皇后镇 Queenstown

皇后山 Queenstown hill - 格林诺奇 Glenorchy


早上会去皇后山(Queenstown Hill) 徒欣赏皇后镇的全景。午餐后会到格林诺奇(Glenorchy)小村庄,而半路将有机会欣赏被列为纽西兰十大风景车道。


In the morning, we will trek up to Queenstown Hill to enjoy the panoramic view of Queenstown. After lunch, we will pay a visit to Glenorchy, and on the way will have the opportunity to enjoy the top ten scenic drive in New Zealand.


Day 6 蒂阿瑙 Te Anau
箭镇 Arrowtown - 蒂阿瑙 Te Anau


箭镇(Arrowtown)是niu西兰最风景如画的定居点之一,坐落在箭河(Arrow River)畔,一度是淘金热的现场但淘金的日子早已一去不复返。小镇保持着它的历史特色并拥有60多幢经修复的19世纪建筑。

Arrowtown is one of New Zealand's most picturesque settlements. It is located on the banks of the Arrow River. It was once a gold rush scene but the days of gold rushing are long gone. The town maintains its historic character and has more than 60 restored 19th-century buildings

Day 7 蒂阿瑙 Te Anau
米佛峡湾 Milford Sound - 蒂阿瑙湖 Lake Te Anau

纽西兰最著名的世界遗产之一米佛峡湾(Milford Sound),这天一早会搭乘观景船去欣赏令人惊叹的壮丽冰河峡湾,然后再回程路上一路打卡到蒂阿瑙(Te Anau)。

Milford Sound is one of New Zealand's most famous world heritage sites. Early morning we will take a scenic cruise to enjoy the stunning fjord, then we will slowly make our way back to Te Anau.

Day 8 但尼丁 Dunedin
鲍德温街 Baldwin street - 但尼丁 Dunedin




Known as “Edinburgh in New Zealand” for its heritage of many traditions in Scotland, it is also one of the best-preserved cities in the Southern Hemisphere Victorian and Edwardian style.


Day 9 基督城 Christchurch

摩拉基大圆石 Moeraki Boulders - 奥玛鲁Oamaru - 基督城 Christchurch



Chasing the mysterious boulders on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island, then enjoying lunch at Oamaru and we will also wander the Old Town in Oamaru before heading back to Christchurch

Day 10 基督城Christchurch

Half-day free time to embrace the last moment in the city as well as last minute shopping and then depart to the airport


Day 11 Arrive Homeland

Arrive oversea


住宿 (Airbnb 、汽车旅馆或假日公园)



米佛峡湾 (Milford Sound) 乘观景船票

Tour fee includes

Accommodation (Airbnb, motel or Holiday Park)

 Transports and transportation insurance

 Queenstown Gondola and dinner package

 Milford Sound scenic cruise



 个人机票 (可代办)




 任何预料不到的天灾 (如公路中断,由气象导致的班机延迟或行程延误等)


Tour fee excludes

 Air ticket (We can arrange on your behalf)

 Travel insurance (compulsory)
 Personal expenses

 Selective activities and entertainment
 Any unexpected natural disasters (such as road disruptions, delays due to weather, etc.)

 New Zealand ETA



一旦报名我们会征收 NZD$1500(大约RM3850) 的订金。除非不成团,否则相关订金均不退还,而所剩的余额必须在出发前的三个月缴付。



Once registered we will collect NZD1500 (approx. RM3850) to each member. Unless the tour cancels, the relevant deposit will not be refunded. Therefore, the balance of the tour fee must be paid 3 months before departure.


1. 如在缴交全额团费后,因无法避免的因素下要取消行程, 我们不能做任何退款,因为所有款项已用于预定整个行程的费用。

2. 由于此团不包括个人机票,如团员报名后临时无法同行而需要找其他人代替,更改机票相关的费用需由消费者来负责。

3. 如团员选择提早结束行程,将无法索回任何退款。


1. If you cancel your itinerary due to unavoidable factors after paying the full tour fare, we cannot make any refunds because all payments have been made to book the entire itinerary.


2. This trip does not include individual air tickets,  if the members are unable to travel after the registration, it is up to the consumers to change the fees related to the tickets, if they need to find someone else to replace them.


3. If the member chooses to finish the trip early, no payment will be refunded.





1. 团友必须提供护照副本 ,护照必须有最少六个月或以上的有效期

2. 如果发生金融风暴、汽油飙涨、机票大幅度高涨、兑换率出现重大波动和其它无法预测的状况, 团费将有所变动。


3. 领队拥有行程的权力,在行程路线在实际操作中如遇任何不可抗拒的因素比如航班延误、自然灾害、罢工、景点维修封路、政府限制等等,领队将会做最好的考量举行为大家服务。

4. 由于部分行程能否顺利进展,很大一部分会依赖于当时的气情况,所以由于天气原因,而造成的活动取消,我们将不承担任何责任

Agreement :
Before signing up, please ensure that you have read, understood and agreed to the content and details of the itinerary.

1. A group member must provide a copy of the passport. As a general rule, passports should have at least six months of validity when traveling internationally.

2. In the event of a financial turmoil, gasoline is skyrocketing, ticket prices are rising sharply, major fluctuations in exchange rates and other unpredictable conditions, the tour fare may increase.

3. The tour leader reserves the right to change the itinerary. Itinerary In the event of any irresistible factors such as flight delays, natural disasters, strikes, scenic maintenance road closures, government restrictions, etc. Tour leader will make the best consideration for everyone due to unavoidable issues.

4. Components of our trip are weather dependent and We cannot be held liable if certain activities are not available on the day of travel。


Starting from a group of 4 and maximum 6

四月 April  *确定成团,2slots left*
NZD$ 2850 (RM7650) *一位 / Per pax*

五月 May *开放/open 6slots*
NZD$ 2850 (approx.RM7650) *一位 / Per pax*

六月 June *开放/open 6slots*
NZD$ 2850 (approx.RM7650) *一位 / Per pax*

七月 June*开放/open 6slots*
2850 (approx.RM7650) *一位 / Per pax*

八月 June*开放/open 6slots*
2850 (approx.RM7650) *一位 / Per pax*

九月 June*开放/open 6slots*
2850 (approx.RM7650) *一位 / Per pax*

十月 June*开放/open 6slots*
2850 (approx.RM7650) *一位 / Per pax*

十一月 June*开放/open 6slots*
2850 (approx.RM7650) *一位 / Per pax*

十二月 June*开放/open 6slots*
2850 (approx.RM7650) *一位 / Per pax*

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Why travel with us
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